Poultry farming requires cash flow. Depending on what is happening in your business, refinancing your poultry farm loan may make sense to address today’s needs - and tomorrow’s.

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As you plan to approach a lender, you’ll want to have specific information and paperwork ready to share. For example:  

  • What’s prompting your request: changes from your poultry integrator in number of batches, increased out-times or change in bird size; better poultry farm loan interest rates compared to your current rate; needed or required upgrades or expansion of your current operation; etc.
  • What are your current financial commitments: current debt detail; operational costs; financed equipment leases; insurance coverage; etc.
  • What do your current revenues/assets look like: income; physical assets; etc.
  • Your historical financial records: tax returns; credit rating/history; etc.
  • Your relationship with your integrator: your contract with your integrator to provide insight into: who you work with; what is your agreed upon production cycle and bird size; etc.  

You’ll want to work with your accountant to pull together all the information you need for your poultry farm financing.
We've applied our decades of experience in poultry farming and finance to help you and your accountant prepare for next steps with a checklist. If you'd like us to call you, you can also include your phone number when you download the checklist and we'll call you shortly.